Fire Fighter

Duties and Responsibilities

Job Title:


Reporting to:

Crew Manager, Watch Manager & Fire Service Manager

Job Purpose

· To undertake in a safe and efficient manner all relevant procedures detailed in the Airport Operations Manual, Aerodrome Emergency Procedures, RFFS Operational Procedures and the Safety Management System.

· To carry out safely and efficiently such other duties as may be reasonably expected by senior management.


· Respond immediately and safely to all emergency calls and requests for assistance.

· Deal with emergencies as directed and work effectively and efficiently as a member of a disciplined team.

· Minimise distress and suffering, including giving first aid care.

Health and Safety

· Recognise health and safety issues at work and deal with them to minimise or eliminate the degree of hazard or risk.

· Ensure personal safety and that of others at all times

Personal Fitness

· Maintain a level of physical and medical fitness necessary to carry out the duties of a Firefighter.


· Maintain all firefighting and emergency equipment in a state of readiness, including cleaning, repairing, and testing as required to approved standards and procedures.

· Check firefighting resources provided for Fire and Service use, including hydrants and fixed installations.

Local Geography

· Know the local streets, roads and buildings situated within the Fire Station response area.

· Be aware of the risks, possible hazards and water supplies to be found within the Fire Station area.


· Complete basic paperwork and routine administration, including recording of information.

· Use information technology as required and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

· Keep personal records up to date.


· Take part in a continuous training programme by attending lectures, exercises, practice drill sessions and other forms of training to maintain competence levels.

· Attend training courses as directed.

Airfield Duties

· Airfield inspections

· Provide bird-scaring

· FOD inspections and removal

· RVR observations

· Runway / taxiway / Apron sweeping as required

· Snow / Ice clearing

· Airfield security patrols as required

· Lighting inspections and fault reporting

Apron Duties

· Assistance with aircraft handling in accordance with procedures agreed with the aircraft operator or handling agent

· Aircraft marshalling, positioning, parking and hangarage

· GPU and other ground equipment operations

· Handling of aircraft to and from hangars

· To provide customer information, assistance, and advice to all Airport visitors

Fuel Duties

· Endeavour to start a refuel of an aircraft on the apron upon arrival at the pumps.

· Carry out all other refuelling as required.

· Fuel and oil stock quality checks and control

· Non-specific care and maintenance of installation and vehicles

· Fuel and oil stock deliveries, transfers, and dipping

· Rotor running refuels.

· Daily fuel checking and logging as required by Senior Management and legislation

· Ensuring bowsers and installation is secure at close of business.

General Duties

· Staffing watch room

· Cleaning and maintenance of hangars as directed.

· Maintaining as far as reasonably practical Airport fire extinguishers and alarms

· Complying with all relevant HSE statutory requirements

Extraneous Duties

· Undertake extraneous duties and assist the Airside Operations department as required and directed by the Fire Service Manager.

Job Types: Full-time, Permanent

Salary: From £27,000.00 per year


  • Company events
  • Company pension
  • Life insurance
  • On-site parking
  • Private medical insurance
  • Sick pay


  • 12 hour shift


  • GCSE or equivalent (required)

Application deadline: 03/08/2022