Reporting Analyst

Reporting Analyst (Associate Analyst)


The Brand Protection Reporting Team is looking for a new analyst to join us as we expand our working practices. As a member of our team, you will be responsible for managing the reporting needs of a set list of clients assigned by the team leader each month. These responsibilities will primarily consist of obtaining, updating and compiling multiple data sets which track the work and results of the Enforcement and Monitoring teams, and then using that data to produce quality reports for the clients.

The right candidate, while motivated to work by themselves to create high quality data and reports will, when needed, also be flexible in assisting other team members to balance out workloads within tight deadlines. They may also be called upon to help analysts or service managers outside of the team with queries relating to client data or reports, particularly with regards to service reviews or the expansion of the report coverage as services grow and evolve.

The following areas outline some of the key responsibilities and traits we are looking for in a candidate:


  • Takes ownership of client reports as assigned from senior/lead (including cover requests for leave among the team). Although most reports cover the basic service level charts and data, the analyst will need to track, design and incorporate any approved additional customization resulting from client requests.
  • Reviews the status of large numbers of international eCommerce listings with the goal of obtaining and updating the ongoing results of the Enforcement team and incorporating these findings into our evolving data sets.
  • Oversees and reviews large amounts of data to identify missing, incomplete or incorrectly formatted data points and when needed proactively corrects or obtains the proper information, alerting the Brand Protection web-based portal’s product team to ongoing issues that may need their attention.
  • Maintains a high standard of data for their clients, including management of files where they are not primarily responsible for content, but will be working with and updating Enforcement analyst’s tracker files across diverse service areas such as brand & domain or social media.
  • Assists as a stand-in proof-reader to cover absences among the analyst team.
  • Acts as client liaison for reporting queries (on calls/by e-mail), escalating to senior/lead as appropriate; may also be asked to supply data for service reviews by the management team.


  • Meeting and demonstrating all of CSCs Values.
  • Demonstrates a good understanding of the methods/procedures being taught – asks questions, proposes ideas.
  • Effective workload management, including PTO and coverage planning.
  • Builds a good rapport with clients (internal & external).
  • Volunteers as a resource to support the team where needed.

Skills (Technical):

  • MS Excel: moderate to advanced skill sets with the ability to identify, combine and analyze multiple data sets and data points using filters, sorts and conditional formatting. Familiarity with basic formulas such as VLOOKUP, SUMIF and nesting statements as well as being competent in generating and modifying pivot tables and charts.
  • MS Word: basic to moderate skill set with the ability to import and tidy data and charts from other sources, a good eye for detail toward layout and design and the ability to fix basic document errors all in the service of maintaining high aesthetic standards within our reports.
  • MS Outlook: basic to moderate skill set with a working knowledge for managing a busy inbox, understanding of rule usage (benefits/pitfalls), creating a structured workflow through categories (or other demonstrated method).
  • Web Browsers: moderate to advanced skill set with a basic understanding of web-scraper technology and the ability to use browser tools and applications including plug-ins, extensions and VPNs to manage the review and capturing of large numbers of URLs often through the use of a virtual desktop.
  • Time/Workload Management: ability to maintain a schedule for on-time delivery of client reports while allowing for an internal review and proofing process which could result in needed changes or updates prior to final delivery.
  • Portal Usage: will be expected to use the Brand Protection web-based portal at a basic level – capable of filtering results, checking for scraper errors, tag creation and editing, and exporting data. As the role expands the analyst may be called upon to create, customize and maintain bespoke views within the portal to meet their client’s reporting needs.

Skills (Personal):

  • Motivated & capable of working to tight deadlines.
  • Good attention to detail & takes pride in producing quality output.
  • Good communication skills – particularly around explaining data and procedures (especially to clients/colleagues who may not be as well versed).
  • Good time management skills, reads & interprets schedules well, knows what to prioritise and is able to manage own workload independently.
  • Good teamwork skills – helping others/covering reports/discussing issues.
  • The ability to look at and interpret a wide range of data, across several different service areas (eCommerce, brand & domain, social media, etc.)
  • Excellent problem solving & analytical skills.